Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i jux told my bro tat i got paktuo.
n i tel him today is the 100 days wif him too.
he no stop me.
bt he oso not say agree we two.
he jux said if i feel happy begin wif him then can ard.
n he said paktuo is okay is normally.
bt he said better not influence on my study oso.
n i asked him am i nid to tel mum.
he said if i wan is can d.
i said i dunwan to humbug her.
den he said den u can jux find a day when mum is good mood n tel her.
den i said i duno how to say tat to mum.
i scare mum will jux stop me or wan me break wif him.
den bro said me oso not yet tell den how i will noe?
he said mayb mum will accept.
jux call me to tell if i wan.
so now i think i'm going to tell my mum 2moro.
bt untill now i oso din even think to tell tat to my dad.

feel kinda happy after i told my bro tat i paktuo.
n he no stop me.

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